DIY Pond Aeration – How To Build The Best Pond Aerator

In this video I want to cover some tips for you if you’re looking to do something in a DIY form of pond aeration. The topic of DIY is very popular these days and I’m all for it because it helps people save money particularly those on a budget that are trying to keep the cost down of investing in their pond a bit, but they want the advantages that aeration can give them.

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Should I Run My Aerator In The Winter?

Tom from Wisconsin, a traditionally cold state in the winter time, wrote in and asked if it’s a good idea to use a pond aerator even in the cold months of winter? In addition, his pond is very shallow (around 4 feet deep and about 1/3 of an acre in size) so the particular aerator that would be used might be a bit different than a typical farm pond.

Answer: Tom, thank you for your timely question and it’s one that many people wonder about. The base answer is yes, it’s a good idea to aerate a pond all year round.

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Do Windmill Pond Aerators Really Work?

Ponds benefit tremendously from aeration simply because nothing will do more to increase oxygen levels and improve circulation in the water. This greatly improves the health and natural vitality of a pond and it can protect and provide an improved home for fish and other wildlife.

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