Effective Solutions For Green Water In Small Ponds

Green water in a small pond can be one of the most frustrating experiences for the pond owner.

Once established, and you should know, it doesn’t take very long for that to happen, some folks end up trying all sorts of remedies and potions, without seeing any positive results.

So before we dig into the best ways (I think) to deal with green water problems, just know you’re not alone. It’s a common problem that may have any number of solutions that can end it.  I’ve included a video here where I’ll cover the steps that we take to deal with green water problems in a small pond.

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Pond Ionizers For Algae Control

One of the most recent devices to enter the pond care market is something called a pond ionizer and it promises to be a relatively affordable and safe system for helping to control algae in small ponds, water gardens, and pondless waterfalls.

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Can A UV Pond Filter Control Algae?

A UV pond filter may be one of your very best options at controlling algae in your small pond or water garden. UV or ultraviolet light is touted by manufacturers as a very good tool for algae control but some of the claims need to be clarified to ensure that this type of device will actually help you with your current problem.

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