The Best Koi And Fish Food For Maintaining Healthy Fish

If you have Koi or Gold fish, most likely you work pretty hard at keeping your pond in a good, healthy state.  Of course some of this effort is designed to help the pond’s appearance, but the health of your fish is likely a big part of it too.

It’s easy to feel a connection to our fish, and of course, in some cases, we’ve had them for years…possibly even decades.  So in this article I’m not going to suggest you’re doing anything wrong or poorly when it comes to your fish…I just wanted to remind everyone that along with a clean, healthy environment, what you feed them will matter a lot too.

Although we could talk about good fish food in depth…and the discussion could take the better part of a book…I’ll try to keep this simple and to the point…while covering the essentials of a good quality Koi food.  Ideally the formula should provide support for growth, good color, and a strong immune system.

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The Most Effective Way To Protect Fish From Herons

For small pond owners with fish, there’s one thing you simply do not want to see hanging around your pond.  And that’s a heron. In actuality, any type of wading, fishing bird could spell trouble, but Great Blue Herons seem to top the list of trouble makers when it comes to goldfish or koi ponds. …

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Predators And Your Pond Fish

Some things just like to eat fish. Take the Grizzly Bear for instance.  There’s nothing quite as wild and dynamic as watching a big Kodiak dine on salmon in the Alaskan wilderness.  It’s nature at it’s best. But it’s a different story when the wild, and sometimes not-so-wild creatures start visiting your backyard fish pond.  …

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Floating Plants: A Contribution To Your Pond

There are many water plants that will play important roles in the health and wellbeing of your pond.  One of the major players is going to be floating plants.  Floating pond plants play many roles that help with maintenance, but contribute to the health of the wildlife surrounding your pond.

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