The Best Pond Vacs For Water Gardens And Ponds

Pond Monsta

The latest offerings of pond vacs and vacuums in 2019 encompass a pretty wide range of prices and capabilities. When evaluating the various models, one thing can be certain…they are not all created equal.

Ultimately choosing the proper vac for your needs comes down to the size of your pond, the depth you’re dealing with, and the particular substances you’re trying to remove from the pond itself.

If the work is fairly light duty, with some minor leaves, a bit of muck or debris, or uneaten fish food, then all of the vacuums listed below should handle that job alright. This is assuming the pond is fairly small…say 1000 gallons or smaller, with a moderate depth of 2 to 3 feet at the most.

As the debris load gets heavier or larger, and the pond size increases in both depth and surface area, the demands on the pond vacuum will go up. And so that all needs to be taken into consideration.

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Pond Vacuum Reviews – Updated For 2018!

We get a lot of questions on pond vacuums, and trying to find one that will suit your needs to a tee is not always an easy task.  This is our latest summary of pond vacuum comparisons as found on Amazon.

Over the years the selection of vacs has certainly changed and evolved for the small pond owner.  There is a wider selection these days, but a few of the best vacuums in the class were dropped by distributors and made getting them in hand a bit more difficult.

As of this writing in May of 2018, here are a few of the best pond vacuums (in my opinion) that are available for retail purchase.

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What’s Better, A Pond Aerator Or A Pond Heater?

Tammy from Iowa wrote to us recently and asked, “We have a small pond, maybe 800-900 gallons. Is it possible to have to strong of a bubbler going? We have about 15 fish and its about 40 inches deep in one spot. We live in Iowa and it will be soon be freezing. Just wondering if too much bubbling can hurt the fish?”

Answer: Tammy thanks for the question! I like to use a small aerator in garden ponds during the winter months, but I would suggest either providing a way to float the air stone or diffuser off the bottom and near the surface of the water, or moving it over to an end of the pond, or even a shelf if you have one.

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Pond Pumps And Quick Fixes To Keep Them Running

If you want moving water in a pond, which basically means things like an active waterfall or an effective filtration system, a key component in all of this is the pond pump. Nothing really moves without a good pump. Unfortunately like any mechanical thing, a pond pump can fail, become damaged or broken, or just …

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Pond Lighting For Small Ponds And Water Gardens

Pond lighting is one of the very best ways to set a particular mood, or highlight certain areas around a small pond or water garden. In this article we’ll provide a few tips and suggestions that will help you choose the right accents for your pond, and we’ll discuss some of the installations that can …

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