Is Green Algae Harmful to Humans

Algae are common aquatic plants that float on bodies of water. Many are classified as green algae, or algae that have enough chlorophyll to turn the plant green. While most algae are harmless, there are certain types of toxic algae that can be dangerous to animals and humans. One of the most common is blue-green …

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How Do Fish Survive Winter in Ponds?

Fish can’t exactly migrate like birds do in the winter. So, what do they do, particularly fish that live in ponds where the water freezes over in winter? While fish living in the sea or in rivers have the option of migrating to warmer waters (and moving water is less likely to freeze in the …

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Is A Pond Heater Necessary?

A good and timely question from Esther who asked, “I have a small pond in my front yard I have 2 koi and 3 goldfish, I live in South Carolina and in the winter the temperatures can drop down to freezing but they recovered with the sun. I don’t think the pond will freeze solid but I’m wondering about my fish. Should I put a heater in the pond? What temperature should I try to maintain the water? “

Thanks for the question Esther!

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