How To Use Grass Carp For Natural Weed Control In Ponds

Grass Carp

Grass Carp can be a viable and effective management tool for dealing with a variety of pond and aquatic weeds and vegetation.  They offer a non-chemical and eco-friendly way to keep many unwanted plants at bay.  Their cost is pretty affordable, particularly in relation to how long (usually years) they may provide valuable support for a pond.

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DIY Pond Aeration – How To Build The Best Pond Aerator

In this video I want to cover some tips for you if you’re looking to do something in a DIY form of pond aeration. The topic of DIY is very popular these days and I’m all for it because it helps people save money particularly those on a budget that are trying to keep the cost down of investing in their pond a bit, but they want the advantages that aeration can give them.

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