Fish Pond Heaters For Winter Care

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Written By Mark Washburn

Mark has 20 years of experience as a professional pond management consultant.

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A fish pond heater is an essential asset to water gardens or backyard ponds for maintaining healthy fish during the wintertime, especially when the pond is shallow in depth.

Not only do the heaters help in providing the appropriate temperatures for the survival of the fish during winter, they are also efficient in helping to discourage the development of the KHV disease, which is a common illness for koi fish during the Springtime. Due to the extreme change in water temperature between seasons, the new warmth allows for pathogens to multiply at a fast rate, which disables the immune system of the koi from retaliation. The pond heater lowers the risk of affliction by maintaining the same water temperature throughout the year.

Types of Heaters

When looking for the perfect pond heater, it is important to note the size and depth of the specific outdoor pond. In order to heat up around 250 gallons of water, it takes about 1000 watts of heat, which can help in calculating the specific size needed. Also, outdoor temperatures are an important factor in determining how many kilowatts are required and can vary, because the output of kilowatts are dependent upon the lowest temperature of the pond’s geographical location.

Submersible Pond Heaters

The most common form of pond heaters are submersible and must be completely engulfed within the water in order to properly function. These types of heaters benefit ponds that are large in size, because they are able to cover more area. Unlike pond deicers, standard pond heaters must be situated with an object to prevent the heater from touching the bottom and sides of the pond. In addition, they are also successful in keeping the whole area of water a consistent temperature, which is the healthiest option for the fish.

Floating Pond Deicer

One type of fish pond heater is a floating pond deicer, which works by floating on the surface of the pond, while using heat to keep the area covered from freezing over. The deicer comes equipped with thermo-regulators that automatically turn on when there is a shift in water temperature. This helps in preventing the built-up of gases that get trapped beneath the icy surface, which can result in the fish becoming seriously harmed. In addition to being detrimental to fish, the freezing of the water can result in cracks and other damages to concrete ponds. This could prove to be very costly in the long-run and can be avoided through the purchase of a deicer. Also, unlike standard pond heaters, deicers are easier to install and are usually a cheaper option.

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