Solar Fountains For Ponds

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Written By Mark Washburn

Mark has 20 years of experience as a professional pond management consultant.

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A solar fountain is an attractive addition to any pond. Just as the name implies, the sun, with the help of a specially designed pump, powers a solar fountain. It not only adds beauty to a garden, but it also saves the considerable cost of electricity involved in running a fountain pump, and eliminates the safety concern of electrical cords.

Additionally, the solar fountain, unlike fountains that require electrical outlets, can be placed anywhere in the yard. Its solar aspect makes it comparatively maintenance free as well. About the only concern is inclement weather. For instance, The pump must be disconnected if the weather is below freezing, to prevent irreparable damage.

Pond fountains help bring the water to life and can help attract a variety of wildlife. Solar fountains are also very helpful in adding a bit of oxygen to the water for fish, and of course they provide a very relaxing sound of water droplets falling back into the pond, all while being powered by green energy.

Solar fountains are not one size fits all by any means. A homeowner can choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes and prices. One thing that a consumer should understand before choosing the solar method of running an outdoor fountain is that it does not store sunlight for later use in inclement weather. Unlike the process of solar panels that heat homes, for example, a solar fountain will only work in direct sunlight. For folks in Arizona, Southern California and other year round sunny climates, this is of little concern. For others, however, it might be a drawback, though most homeowners are not going to sit around their back yard in gloomy weather.

When choosing a solar panel, a homeowner would do well to choose from solar kits that offer the option of moving the solar panels away from the fountain. These provide the opportunity for optimal sunlight without having to relocate the pond and the fountain each time the sun fades or clouds roll in to part of the sky. Additionally, it is important to find a fountain that is lightweight enough to move it from the outdoor floating pond setup to indoors when the weather gets bad. For this, the consumer would also want to make sure AC adapters are included.

Kits for solar fountains may include accessories, such as solar lights that are shaped to look like dragonflies or butterflies, or even ladybugs or mushrooms. If sold separately, these low-cost floating pond lights retail for around $30 or $40. Solar fountains can be made of ceramic, terracotta, slate or even bamboo. The smaller, budget-priced kits can be under $40, while the top models are well over $200. No matter what color or material chosen, or price paid, a solar fountain is sure to give many hours of outdoor and even indoor pleasure for years to come.

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