9 Tips For Effective Natural Pond Algae Control

For there remains, in this space-age universe, the possibility that man’s way, is not always the best – Rachel Carson Seeing your backyard pond or water garden turn a murky green from an overgrowth of algae can be disheartening. While a limited amount of algae is normal, excessive pond algae can ruin the tranquil beauty …

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When Should I Aerate My Pond?

The question today is when should I aerate my pond? In most cases, 24 7 operation is the best when it comes to aerating your pond. There’s a couple of reasons for this. We want to maintain good dissolved oxygen levels in the water at all times. The better we do this, the better and …

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Can Pond Aeration Help Reduce Phosphorus?   

Can pond aeration help reduce phosphorus? The answer to that is yes. Aeration, particularly at the bottom of the pond, can increase oxygen levels where it’s needed most.  As we’ll discuss in this article, higher oxygen concentrations can affect the level of phosphorus in a variety of ways.  From improving sequestration of the nutrient in …

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I Have A UV Light In My Pond But Still Have Green Water

John writes, “I have a 1500 gallon backyard pond and have installed a uv light in it which was supposed to help with green water problems. It doesn’t seem to be helping very much, and I wondered if I did something wrong?”

Answer: Hi John and thanks for the question. Your plan to use a uv sterilizer in your pond to combat green water is a good idea. In truth, when you hear companies talk about fighting pond algae problems with a uv filter, it’s single cell, or green water algae that they are talking about specifically.

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Can Pond Algae Still Grow In The Winter?

I’ll share a recent and common question that always comes in during the colder months of the year.  This one is from Robert who has a small pond that he keeps open year round.  He was somewhat surprised to find algae growing in the water, even with the pond being surrounding by snow and the temperatures are still quite cold.  He asks if this is at all normal?

Answer: As odd as winter algae may sound, it’s really not unusual for small pond owners who may choose to keep their pond open all winter long.

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