Can Pond Aeration Help Reduce Phosphorus?   

Can pond aeration help reduce phosphorus? The answer to that is yes. Aeration, particularly at the bottom of the pond, can increase oxygen levels where it’s needed most.  As we’ll discuss in this article, higher oxygen concentrations can affect the level of phosphorus in a variety of ways.  From improving sequestration of the nutrient in …

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Pond And Lake Restoration

What happens when a pond get’s “old and is dying”?  What can be done to save it or restore it back to what it once was?

Todays Q & A comes to us from Janet that sent us a link to an interesting article from Sag Harbor News. It seems that Mill Pond, an old and well established lake in the NE United States is in very bad shape. You can read more about this unfortunate situation through this news report.

Answer: Thank you for the link and for your question Janet.  It’s inevitable that every pond will age and unfortunately part of that process is a natural “filling in” of the pond basin with all kinds of things.

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