Decorative Wall Fountains

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Written By Mark Washburn

Mark has 20 years of experience as a professional pond management consultant.

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Decorative wall fountains can bring your garden a level of fantasy, relaxation, and peace that no other flower or architectural design can. There are so many different features that you can add to a garden or pond that bring both beauty and grace to the environment, but decorative wall fountains can bring these things to the table, and more!

The thing about wall fountains is that there are so many kinds, so many sizes, and so many choices! Where do you start? Here are a few tips to help make your search for the perfect outdoor wall fountain a journey that will end in the perfect outdoor environment, fitting your style and your needs.

Classic or Contemporary?

First think about the overall sense and style of the area where you want your fountain. Do you already have modern art near by or does the area have an “old world” ambiance? Once you have figured out what the general feel of your garden or pond area is then you can at least cut your hunt in half.

If you are looking for garden wall fountains that are modern, go for sleek fountains that are made out of metal. These fountains often have the water flowing down a single metal sheet of some sort which reflects sunlight beautifully.

If classical is the way to go for you then look for a stone wall fountain. This gives the feeling that the fountain has been there for hundreds of years and has the history behind it, telling a story all on its own.

Where oh Where?

Once you have decided on which fountain you want to use in your garden or pond you will want to decide exactly where to place it. This also has mainly to do with what you want, but here are a few options to give you some ideas.

Decorative wall fountains can often be the focal point of your garden or pond. This proves to be a beautiful accent for any garden. Don’t forget about the other option though, hiding your wall fountain (or putting it in an unpredictable place) can give your area just what it needs for a mystical “secret garden” type atmosphere.

You can have a mounted wall fountain, or a built in wall fountain. Mounted wall fountains are simply mounted on a wall on the outside of your house or maybe on a wall in your garden. These can typically be mounted by just about anyone, though the fountains may be very heavy, so proper safety measure need to be taken! These fountains also typically work off of a self contained water pump where it reuses the water so it does not necessarily need to be near a water source. These need to be plugged by an electrical chord so make sure to have the correct grounded outlet that is protected from the elements.

Built in wall fountains may be built in to the side of a building or retaining wall. If it is built in to the side of a building then it can be hooked up right into the main plumbing and electricity systems of the building and be set up with an on/off switch from the inside.

Both mounted wall fountains and built in wall fountains may be set up to pour water into your pond, whether it has wildlife living in it or not. This can add a beautiful focal point for your water garden.

Take the blazed path, or blaze your own path?

Decorative wall fountains not only come in all different shapes and sizes but there are also many custom options through many different accredited companies. The main draw for customization is if you have a company logo you want on your wall fountain. Custom wall fountains can however be made for whomever is willing to pay. Many people like to custom make their fountains if they have a very specific type of material they want used, a particular size, or have certain lighting features that aren’t offered by a “normal” wall fountain distributor. If you fit any of these categories then custom wall fountains may be for you.

My pockets are empty!

Many people are concerned about the cost of decorative wall fountains, and therefore disregard the idea all together. Don’t give up too soon! There are plenty of inexpensive wall fountains available through wholesale distributing websites. Just take some time to look and you may end up getting the perfect outdoor wall fountain in your backyard for half the price of another retailer.

As you make your final decorative wall fountain decisions you can know with assurance that you are only going to add beauty, peace, and serenity to your outdoor paradise

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