Floating Plants: A Contribution To Your Pond

There are many water plants that will play important roles in the health and wellbeing of your pond.  One of the major players is going to be floating plants.  Floating pond plants play many roles that help with maintenance, but contribute to the health of the wildlife surrounding your pond.

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Rubber Pond Liners: What You Need To Know

There are many different kinds of rubber pond liners. Not only are there different types of plastics to choose from, there are thickness options, size options, the option to bury or not bury your liner, the choice of doing it yourself or to hire someone to install the liner for you…need I go on? Finding …

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Pond Plants: What You Need To Know

Water pond plants are essential to your body of water. They will provide nutrients to your water and help balance the water in you pond. There are all types of plants for all types of ponds, but here are a few plants that you’ll want no matter the type of pond you are building or …

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I Have A UV Light In My Pond But Still Have Green Water

John writes, “I have a 1500 gallon backyard pond and have installed a uv light in it which was supposed to help with green water problems. It doesn’t seem to be helping very much, and I wondered if I did something wrong?”

Answer: Hi John and thanks for the question. Your plan to use a uv sterilizer in your pond to combat green water is a good idea. In truth, when you hear companies talk about fighting pond algae problems with a uv filter, it’s single cell, or green water algae that they are talking about specifically.

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Can I Use Pool Products In My Pond?

Janine wrote in recently with a very common question. She asked, “Can I use swimming pool products in my pond?” She went on to mention that she’s had some algae problems in her pond and had tried chlorine for a time but wondered if something else might help the situation.

Answer: Thanks for the question Janine! I’m glad you asked because you are surely not the only person wondering about this. Here’s my take on this topic. I have always taken a very conservative approach to treating my pond or water garden. Which basically means that in a general sense I don’t ever suggest using a pool product in a pond.

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