Pond And Lake Restoration

What happens when a pond get’s “old and is dying”?  What can be done to save it or restore it back to what it once was?

Todays Q & A comes to us from Janet that sent us a link to an interesting article from Sag Harbor News. It seems that Mill Pond, an old and well established lake in the NE United States is in very bad shape. You can read more about this unfortunate situation through this news report.

Answer: Thank you for the link and for your question Janet.  It’s inevitable that every pond will age and unfortunately part of that process is a natural “filling in” of the pond basin with all kinds of things.

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Winter Aeration Tips For Large Ponds

In todays Q & A Of The Day a question came in from Holly who’s using an aerator in her pond throughout the winter. It seems that the compressor running this system is making some odd noises. Almost like an exhalation of air every 5 to 10 seconds and it just started a week or so ago. The system has been running great for months and this is unusual.

Answer: Thanks for the question and email Holly. While your situation with the aerator is not normal in the sense of the word, it may not be unusual at all. This reaction by the compressor represents some form of blocking or kinking in the airline and the added back pressure is being released from time to time by the compressor system.

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Ultrasonic Algae Control And It’s Uses

If you’re old enough to remember the original Star Trek TV show, it’s not much of a stretch to look at todays cell phones and chuckle a little bit at the similarities. Technology is truly shaping life as we know it today and it has many benefits. Pond owners aren’t immune to the benefits of high tech equipment and in particular, those who own large ponds with algae problems may now have a tool that will help.

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Pond Aeration Tips

It may come as a surprise to learn that fish need oxygen too. Without it they, just like you and I, would die. Pond aeration, or in other words, using an aerator, is one of the best things you can do for a pond and for fish.

A pond aeration system is normally an after-thought for people who own ponds. Maybe this is because we assume that water doesn’t hold much oxygen or that fish don’t need it, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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Pond Algae Control Tips

Pond algae control honestly isn’t something that most pond owners think of when they’re first starting out.  Usually we have visions of a beautiful fish pond full of koi or goldfish, some pristine plants, and a breath taking waterfall.  The last thing we think of is everything turning green! The sad reality though is that …

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