When Should I Aerate My Pond?

The question today is when should I aerate my pond? In most cases, 24 7 operation is the best when it comes to aerating your pond. There’s a couple of reasons for this. We want to maintain good dissolved oxygen levels in the water at all times. The better we do this, the better and …

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The Most Effective Way To Protect Fish From Herons

For small pond owners with fish, there’s one thing you simply do not want to see hanging around your pond.  And that’s a heron. In actuality, any type of wading, fishing bird could spell trouble, but Great Blue Herons seem to top the list of trouble makers when it comes to goldfish or koi ponds. …

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Can I Use Pool Products In My Pond?

Janine wrote in recently with a very common question. She asked, “Can I use swimming pool products in my pond?” She went on to mention that she’s had some algae problems in her pond and had tried chlorine for a time but wondered if something else might help the situation.

Answer: Thanks for the question Janine! I’m glad you asked because you are surely not the only person wondering about this. Here’s my take on this topic. I have always taken a very conservative approach to treating my pond or water garden. Which basically means that in a general sense I don’t ever suggest using a pool product in a pond.

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How To Effectively Deal With Pond Fish Problems

A sick pond fish, no matter what kind it is (koi, goldfish, etc) is one of the most disconcerting things that a pond owner will run into.  It’s stressful, worrysome, and can make any fish-loving person have some sleepless nights.

For some fish ailments, there isn’t always a simple and easy answer to remedy everything, however we’ll try to break down some proactive steps you can take to improve the situation for your fish and perhaps bring them back to good health and vitality.  In a sense this is a useful step by step checklist that you can use anytime you run into problems.

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Improving Pond Fish Digestion

What you’re about to read may seem far-fetched our just plain weird but did you know that feeding your fish a pea, just once a day for awhile, can help with digestive problems?  According to some veterinarians with experience in fish health, it’s possible. One of the signs of digestive issues with fish may involve …

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