EPDM Pond Liners For Water Gardens

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Written By Mark Washburn

Mark has 20 years of experience as a professional pond management consultant.

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A pond liner is essential when constructing a small pond or watergarden. This article will cover some of the benefits of EPDM rubber pond liners and why you might want to consider using one.

Many American homeowners across the country are finding the addition of aquatic ponds to make lovely settings for their back yard environments. These decorative ponds are further enhanced by the use of an aquatic safe EPDM pond liner that snugly conforms to the shape and design of your pond. These liners are specially designed to safely sustain most any kind of fish and fauna you choose for your water garden. They are safe and practical to use and will help maintain your pond’s attractive appearance for years to come.

There are generally two types of pond liners you can choose for your pond structure: plastic preformed pond liners and EPDM liners. Pre formed plastic liners are designed to maintain one shape and form to fit the exact structure of your pond design. In contrast, EPDM liners are capable of stretching and adjusting to any shape pond, regardless of its design. This flexible quality enables the liner to elongate when necessary to cover unusual or uneven ground surfaces below the water such as tree roots, rock formations or dips. It can also adjust to various movements or settling of the ground.

For example, the Firestone PondGard EPDM liner is constructed of a high quality flexible rubber material, which is aquatic safe, durable and guaranteed to last a long time. It maintains its flexibility even in very hot and cold temperatures and will not crack or split with age. Due to their high quality construction, warranty on Firestone liners extends up to 20 years. These reasons and more make the Firestone 45 mil model one of the most popular pond liners on the market today.

Pond Tip: Here’s an easy way to find a leak in a small pond liner. Allow the water to drop to a level where it remains stable with no further reduction in water levels. Add a bit more water back in to raise the level and then pour a small amount of milk around the perimeter of the pond. The white color of the milk will often show where a leak is occurring. Simply watch for the milk being pulled inward towards the liner and there’s a good chance you’ve found the leak. You can then use a simple patch kit to take care of the problem.

Installation of EPDM liners is fairly simple, requiring no special equipment or tools. Once in place, these liners offer optimum performance with little maintenance and care. In the event a liner should require repair due to puncture or tear, these repairs can be feasibly accomplished with the use of an EPDM patch while the liner is still installed in the pond.

EPDM liners come in a variety of widths and lengths in order to easily accommodate any pond dimensions. Online prices, to include shipping and handling, range approximately from $60 to $75 for the smaller 10 x 10 foot size liner to $195 to $225 for the larger 10 x 20 foot model. It’s usually advised to shop around and compare prices as they may vary from retailers. Also be sure to ask for expert advice from vendors prior to ordering should you have any questions.

It’s been proven that installing a water garden or small pond near your home will help increase the property’s value and add natural beauty to your yard. When construction considerations are being made, keep in mind that nothing offers the versatility, durability, and adaptability that an EPDM pond liner offers.

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