Preparing Your Pond For Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in most parts of the country but for pond owners, it can be a time of great challenge. With every change in the weather, your pond can be affected too.

While it’s not possible to hold off what Mother Nature brings along for your pond, with some simple steps you can deal with just about anything and keep your water garden in good shape. This is really important if you have fish or other living things in the pond because they’ll be more affected by seasonal changes than anything else.

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Controlling Pond Weeds

Controlling pond weeds in large ponds takes a degree of expertise and intensive management. Weeds can grow under, on, or out of the water. When populations of invasive plants exist it can interfere with the fish population, give the water a funny smell, and cause other imbalances in the farm pond ecosystem. Plankton are the …

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