Beneficial Pond Plants For Small Ponds

Despite the fact that many backyard water gardens are, in a sense, artificial and man-made, every one can be improved and made more natural and “wild” by adding pond plants. Plants provide a number of benefits to fish ponds and whether you live in California, Salt Lake City, Texas, or Orlando, there will be a …

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Pond Lighting – Illuminate Your Water Garden

There are a many things you can add to a water garden to bring color and vitality to it’s appearance but few will have the impact like a well placed display of pond lighting. Add some underwater lighting to a koi pond and your fish will literally shine as they lazily swim along. Many people …

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UV Pond Filters Fight Different Algae Types

By definition, a uv pond filter is actually a combination of several different technologies put together in a single package. UV, or ultra violet light is actually not a filter at all, but when it’s combined in a system that also contains a biofilter, you’ll find this array to typically be referred to as a uv pond filter.

This type of system is becoming more popular for small pond owners because it integrates two commonly used, but different systems for algae control. Historically uv light and bio filters may both be installed in a pond but these new, pre-integrated units make sizing and installation a bit easier.

Let’s discuss the components of the pairing and some of the benefits they bring to the pond owner.

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Pond Heaters For Winter Warmth

perfect climate pond heaterPond heaters are now commonly put into use as winter weather arrives in many parts of the country. And although it’s a simple and affordable device it can pay off handsomely when it’s installed in a small koi or fish pond.

For many people, wintertime means their ponds will be shut down, covered over, drained, and put to bed for a few months. If one has fish, they are often moved indoors and held in temporary tanks.

Others however are finding enjoyment in their water gardens throughout the seasons including the frosty days from November through Febuary. If your pond is set up right for it, wintering fish outside isn’t much of a problem and in some settings a pond heater will be an important tool to use.

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Pond Dredging Equipment And Cleaning

Is pond dredging the best way to clean and restore your pond? It’s a simple and natural fact. Large ponds and lakes will fill in over time and in time, that grand old pond that once stayed clean and clear, now has algae or other problems. This process is known as eutrophication. One of the …

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