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Pond Weed Control And Treatments

There are many things that can grow in a large pond or lake. Algae is one of the more common things you’ll find but along with that, or in place of it, a pond weed will take root and sometimes take over a pond or water way.  Some of these aquatic weeds can be very […]

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common duckweed

Duckweed And Watermeal Treatments

Duckweed is one of those pesky aquatic weeds that can be very hard to control once it get’s up to speed in a large pond.  It’s fast growing, durable, and often not controlled by just any old aquatic herbicide or treatment.  In this article we want to explore duckweed in more detail and help a […]

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Using A Lake Rake For Pond Weeds And Algae

Some large pond owners find themselves in a battle as pond weeds and algae attempt to take over their ponds. In spring and summer around most of the U.S. it’s not uncommon to see algae growing well on many waters and pond weeds growing below the surface. For some time now, the most likely response […]

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