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Pond Pumps And Quick Fixes To Keep Them Running

If you want moving water in a pond, which basically means things like an active waterfall or an effective filtration system, a key component in all of this is the pond pump. Nothing really moves without a good pump. Unfortunately like any mechanical thing, a pond pump can fail, become damaged or broken, or just […]

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Choosing A Pond Pump

An artificial, man-made, backyard pond simply can’t operate without a good pump. But what constitutes a good pond pump? In simple terms, when choosing the correct pond pump one needs to know how much water will be flowing through their watergarden system. If you have a waterfall, a more powerful pump may be needed. If […]

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A Fish Pond For Koi – The Basics

A fish pond in the backyard is something that many people dream of owning. Yet for all of the relaxing benefits of a small pond, they can also be a source of many headaches if they’re not built or set up right with the proper equipment. In the article that follow’s we’ll cover some of […]

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