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I Have A UV Light In My Pond But Still Have Green Water

John writes, “I have a 1500 gallon backyard pond and have installed a uv light in it which was supposed to help with green water problems. It doesn’t seem to be helping very much, and I wondered if I did something wrong?” Answer: Hi John and thanks for the question. Your plan to use a […]

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Pond Lighting For Small Ponds And Water Gardens

Pond lighting is one of the very best ways to set a particular mood, or highlight certain areas around a small pond or water garden. In this article we’ll provide a few tips and suggestions that will help you choose the right accents for your pond, and we’ll discuss some of the installations that can […]

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How To Effectively Deal With Pond Fish Problems

A sick pond fish, no matter what kind it is (koi, goldfish, etc) is one of the most disconcerting things that a pond owner will run into.  It’s stressful, worrysome, and can make any fish-loving person have some sleepless nights.   For some fish ailments, there isn’t always a simple and easy answer to remedy […]

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Improving Pond Fish Digestion

What you’re about to read may seem far-fetched our just plain weird but did you know that feeding your fish a pea, just once a day for awhile, can help with digestive problems?  According to some veterinarians with experience in fish health, it’s possible. One of the signs of digestive issues with fish may involve […]

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Do Homemade Pond Filters Really Work?

One of the most popularly searched on pond topics today is for plans or designs on diy pond filters. Homemade pond filters offer a potential cost savings over commercially made filters but a question that many people wonder about is are they any good? Do they really work all that well? The short answer to […]

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Pond Ionizers For Algae Control

One of the most recent devices to enter the pond care market is something called a pond ionizer and it promises to be a relatively affordable and safe system for helping to control algae in small ponds, water gardens, and pondless waterfalls. Ionizers are best known in the air purification market and many “air ionizers” […]

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Can Pond Algae Still Grow In The Winter?

I’ll share a recent and common question that always comes in during the colder months of the year.  This one is from Robert who has a small pond that he keeps open year round.  He was somewhat surprised to find algae growing in the water, even with the pond being surrounding by snow and the […]

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drum or barrel pond filter

Do It Yourself (DIY) Pond Filters – Our Favorite Designs

Of all the pond devices that you’ll see used in a small pond, few have ever been reinvented or replicated as much as a pond filter in the diy realm. DIY of course stands for do-it-yourself and the relatively simple design of most biological pond filters easily lend themselves to someone who wants to build […]

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Fish Pond Liners Explained

If you’re looking to either build a fish pond or have a pond installed, there’s a very high likelihood that you’ll be using a pond liner of some kind in the construction. Granted some ponds are actually formed out of concrete but most water features will use some sort of liner. Pond liners definitely make […]

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