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canoe pond

A Pond Design That Will Float Your Boat

One of the best ways to get inspiration for your own pond layout is to see how other people have designed there own and this one is unique in that it uses a canoe as the main feature.

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Rubber Pond Liners: What You Need To Know

There are many different kinds of rubber pond liners. Not only are there different types of plastics to choose from, there are thickness options, size options, the option to bury or not bury your liner, the choice of doing it yourself or to hire someone to install the liner for you…need I go on? Finding […]

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Fish Pond Liners Explained

If you’re looking to either build a fish pond or have a pond installed, there’s a very high likelihood that you’ll be using a pond liner of some kind in the construction. Granted some ponds are actually formed out of concrete but most water features will use some sort of liner. Pond liners definitely make […]

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Pondless Waterfalls For Tight Spaces

A pondless waterfall is the perfect addition to an area around your home that only offers limited space. Waterfalls can come in just about any configuration and in any size which makes them perfect for backyards. One still get’s the sound of water running over the falls without the expense and trouble that might come […]

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Preformed Ponds And Easy Pond Building

Preformed ponds make putting in a backyard pond about as easy as it can get. This new article talks about the advantages, and a few drawbacks to using a preformed pond. All in all they provide small pond owners with an easy way to get started and that’s a very good thing. Visit this page […]

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EPDM Pond Liners For Water Gardens

A pond liner is essential when constructing a small pond or watergarden. This article will cover some of the benefits of EPDM rubber pond liners and why you might want to consider using one. Many American homeowners across the country are finding the addition of aquatic ponds to make lovely settings for their back yard […]

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Pond Design Tips – Getting Started

One of the hottest trends for home owners today is the addition of a backyard pond or watergarden on their property.  Small ponds provide a wonderful esthetic addition to a home, and they also create a relaxing oasis for people who want to get away from the rest of the world for awhile. When you’re […]

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