Pond Dye For Algae And Weed Control

Pond algae and aquatic weeds are a common problem for many people. A common question ...

A New Chlorine Filter For Fish Ponds?

You don’t have to be involved with fish ponds very long to learn that city water ain’t the best water around. Granted it’s nice to have it in easy reach, and it’s been cleaned and processed to remove a lot of potentially problematic things that could harm folks. But for fish (and plants), it’s got […]

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Pond Vacuum Reviews – Updated For 2018!

We get a lot of questions on pond vacuums, and trying to find one that will suit your needs to a tee is not always an easy task.  This is our latest summary of pond vacuum comparisons as found on Amazon. Over the years the selection of vacs has certainly changed and evolved for the […]

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The Most Effective Way To Protect Fish From Herons

For small pond owners with fish, there’s one thing you simply do not want to see hanging around your pond.  And that’s a heron. In actuality, any type of wading, fishing bird could spell trouble, but Great Blue Herons seem to top the list of trouble makers when it comes to goldfish or koi ponds. […]

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A BIG Pond Project

This might be a bit beyond the ability level of your typical do-it-yourselfer but we wanted to showcase how a really big backyard pond get’s put together.  Warning: It may take some heavy equipment! Seriously though, you have to love the look and design of this masterpiece.  It was constructed at Aquascape headquarters and it’s […]

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Water Pumps For Ponds – What You Need To Know

To maintain ponds in a pristine condition, one of the most important things that pond owners need to do is choose the right water pump for their ponds. However, there are so many types of water pumps for ponds that it is easy to get confused and end up buying the wrong one. Choosing the […]

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Pond Supplies And Tips For Beginners

Getting started in pond ownership can be a really fun activity but it’s not without it’s challenges. Beginners are faced with many things, not the least of which is questions about what they might need to care for their new pond, where should they put it, what’s used in construction, and what if I want […]

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Rain Water Collection for Small Pond and Water Garden Owners

Rain water recycling is an eco-friendly thing to do. Not only can rainwater be used in general garden care, as well as other household enterprises it can also be used in small ponds and for water gardens. Small pond owners with fish ponds or water gardens may use a lot of water each year just […]

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Predators And Your Pond Fish

Some things just like to eat fish. Take the Grizzly Bear for instance.  There’s nothing quite as wild and dynamic as watching a big Kodiak dine on salmon in the Alaskan wilderness.  It’s nature at it’s best. But it’s a different story when the wild, and sometimes not-so-wild creatures start visiting your backyard fish pond.  […]

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small pond aerator

What’s Better, A Pond Aerator Or A Pond Heater?

Tammy from Iowa wrote to us recently and asked, “We have a small pond, maybe 800-900 gallons. Is it possible to have to strong of a bubbler going? We have about 15 fish and its about 40 inches deep in one spot. We live in Iowa and it will be soon be freezing. Just wondering […]

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